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SĀVRY Seasoning Blend

SĀVRY Seasoning Blend

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SĀVRY Seasoning Blend is a mouth-watering medley of sea salt, black pepper, and a combination of bold and savory spices. SĀVRY's warm, aromatic flavors make any food taste better! 

Crafted with no MSG, additives or preservatives. All natural.

In the kitchen or at the table, use it on everything--meat, poultry, fish, potatoes, vegetables, eggs, salads, popcorn, even potato chips! The wide-mouth jar keeps it fresh and allows you to easily pinch, pour, scoop or shake it! Keep a shaker on the table! You'll be delighted to find that your favorite foods taste so much better with SĀVRY Seasoning Blend! 

SĀVRY...makes life taste better!

6 oz. wide-mouth, screw-top PET jar. BPA free.

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