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Springhouse Ridge Seasoned Salt

Springhouse Ridge Seasoned Salt

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Springhouse Ridge Seasoned Salt is a unique blend of sea salt, black pepper, paprika, and other delectable spices.

No MSG, additives, or preservatives. All natural.

A versatile, all-purpose seasoning. In the kitchen or at the table, use it on everything--meat, poultry, fish, potatoes, vegetables, eggs, salads, even popcorn! The wide-mouth jar keeps it fresh and allows you to easily pinch, pour, scoop or shake it! Use it in the kitchen or at the table. Springhouse Ridge Seasoned Salt is real...simple...goodness!

7 oz. wide-mouth, screw-top PET jar. BPA free.

Note: Some caking or clumping may occur due to the all-natural, additive-free nature of the product.

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